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Inventory Assurance Service

Is Inventory Management one of the back waters of your business? Are you struggling to keep your Inventory under control? EPOS Solutions are here to help!

One of the fastest ways to reduce end to end Supply Chain costs, is to get your inventory (stock) under better control. Inventory management is often be one of the back waters of a business, but getting it wrong can wreak havoc very quickly. If your company has some of these inventory control related symptoms, it might be time for an inventory management review:

Too much working capital invested in inventory.
Too much slow moving or obsolete inventory.
Customer service failures and back orders due to lack of the correct inventory.
Poor on shelf availability..
Lots of inter branch / warehouse transfers to get the right inventory in the right place.

If this sounds like your company, the good news is, that inventory control improvements can easily be made without resorting to a large investment in people and inventory management systems.

If you would like help in getting your inventory under control, or just someone to bounce some ideas off, feel free to contact some of our key staff directly for information on our Inventory Assurance Service.

Inventory Consultancy Service

With extensive experience in providing Inventory Solutions including software and services, we are in a unique position to provide independent advice, enabling you to procure the best inventory systems in terms of total cost of ownership. We have the knowledge and experience to assess the features, strengths and weaknesses of systems from various vendors. This added to our proven capability to deploy and maintain your store systems equipment, offers you a helping hand when you need to be sure you make the right decision.